Wind Damage Report

Please help the community assess the damage due to wind! Survey Link in the post.

Hey Kearns, the wind came through here last night and is still with us creating a lot of damage.  I am sure you all have been listening to the news to see what is going on.  The county has declared a State of Emergency do to all the damage.  The ECC needs an initial damage report from homes and business.  "This is an initial damage assessment that ECC sent out. They are trying to get an idea of the extent of the damage.  The County declared an emergency.  Again, the ECC and Emergency Management Division, is trying to capture the extent of the damage.  This survey is for Salt Lake County residents to submit damage to their home or business from the recent wind event.  They can access the survey through a link". Link:

Please everyone stay safe out there.  Paula Larsen, Kearns Community Council